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Residence, Hosteria and Restaurant “Il Grottino”

Gualdo Cattaneo is a small and enchanting jewel in the province of Perugia.
What is striking, once you arrive at your destination, are the magnificent panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the top of its 446 meters above sea level.
In fact, the town stands on a hill on the slopes of the Martani Mountains.
Enclosed within the fifteenth-century walls, the town is a real defensive complex consisting of castles and fortified buildings.
Everything is immersed in a splendid natural setting, which helps to create an even more suggestive atmosphere.

A bit of history

Contended for centuries between Spoleto and Foligno, the ancient Gualdum Captaneorum has a very respectable history.
The toponym has undoubtedly a Lombard origin: the term Gualdo derives from "Wald" (forest, wood) and Cattaneo from "Captaneorum" (captains, lords in the service of the king).
It is no coincidence that the foundation of the village took place precisely through the work of Count Edoardo Cattaneo, who in 975 was a vassal of Emperor Otto II of Saxony.
The count received this small territory on the Martani Mountains as a fief and built a fortification there.

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We are in Via Consolare 35 in Spello

Discover our specialities

Variegated coconut and hazelnut cheesecake // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Variegated coconut and hazelnut cheesecake

Fresh cheese base creamed with coconut, decorated with concentrated hazelnut, hazelnut butter, homemade passion fruit cream, syrup and mint.

Chocolate mousse // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Chocolate mousse

Our desserts: Chocolate mousse with custard, candied oranges and crumbled puff pastry

Brontosaurus Steak - Tomahawk // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Brontosaurus Steak - Tomahawk

A melting, very juicy and infinitely tender meat that with careful cooking becomes simply irresistible

Canestrelli with porcini mushrooms // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Canestrelli with porcini mushrooms

Canestrelli with porcini mushrooms, with cream of goat cheese, crunchy leek and walnut crumble

Stuffed pasta // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Stuffed pasta

Stuffed pasta is a warm embrace that warms the heart and the palate, a cuddle of flavors that will make you feel at home wherever you are.

Babà with Jamaican rum // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Babà with Jamaican rum

Babà with Jamaican rum on chantilly cream and cream, with Trentino cherries by Giori

Selection of raw // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Selection of raw

With different sauces to accompany the flavor of our excellent meats: truffle, passion fruit and honey, pineapple and wild berries

Spelled and hemp flour maltagliati // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Spelled and hemp flour maltagliati

With red wild boar ragout. The porosity of maltagliato is perfect for capturing an enveloping and tasty sauce like wild boar ragout: the result is love at first forkful!

Puffed egg with truffles // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Puffed egg with truffles

The double cooking gives a soft cloud enhanced by the intense flavor of the black truffle

Pork fillet // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Pork fillet

Sfumato with Sagrantino and crispy bacon

Goodness seen from above // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Goodness seen from above

Canestrelli stuffed with porcini mushrooms with goat cheese cream, crunchy leek and walnut crumble

Our aperitif // Residence Ristorante Il Grottino

Our aperitif

A tasty apostrophe between the words "lunch" and "dinner". Come and try it!

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